first day of university tomorrow.

fuck,i’m scared :/ 


i seriously should stop drinking Energy Drinks

When is the episode 2 of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun coming out ?

just started reading The Monster Next Door 

just started reading The Monster Next Door 


Russian Nickelodeon is going to show The Legend Of Korra soon :))

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i hate how people ship Connor Kenway and Aveline

Patiently Waiting For the Next Season of Legend Of Korra

need help

logoless legend of korra episodes please :)

Last Exam !

yes,finally tomorrow is my last day of exam and this horrible nightmare will be over! 

and after that i will have to wait for the results ….. oh god oh god oh god  

please i don’t want to fail in any exam especially in math gajgakljwaraw

it’s not actually math it is kind of mixed with my native language and *easy* math
(perfect explanation i know :D) 

i really don’t know what you call this type of exam ….. i guess skills :/


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yay! one nightmare is over !

teachers told me that we had 5hours exam but no …. it was goddamn 6hours gjasghjasghaj …..i was like WTF is wrong with you people ….
seriously my national language sucks !! had to correct one goddamn text than had to write some stupid essay about Traveling/Tourism….and then there was a shitty text about love/stuff like:be closer to god/and why you have to take care of your soul ??? and i was like HGJKASGHAJSGHJA GUYS WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT !

Thanks god this fucking exams is over !!!!! 
2 exams left and then i’m FREE!!!!!!!! after that ….HELLO ART ACADEMY !!! 
haha i know no one cares about that but ……

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Avatar the last airbender season 3 Torrent

link anyone :))) high quality please :D 

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